Designed to maximize student success, our program is modeled after the first-year curriculum of a health professions school and is different from traditional graduate coursework. We complement our curriculum with areas such as exam preparation, clinical experiences and research designed to stand out in the application process. We take pride in our small class size where students and faculty get to know and learn together. The diversity of Miami is reflected in our student body, and we have found we are better people from learning about each other’s cultures. The Master’s in Biomedical Sciences program delivers to students a competitive edge in applying to health professions degree programs and beyond

Dean's message

Multiple pathways in a positive learning environment

At the LU College of Biomedical Sciences, we pride ourselves in being one of the top programs in the area, blending coursework in advance sciences, exam preparation, clinical shadowing, and research opportunities. Our faculty find new, innovative, and relevant ways to educate in a student-centered learning environment on-campus. The College offers a Health Professions Pathway and a Clinical Pathway.  Both pathways provide a high-quality program that will significantly enhance and extend the academic development of future healthcare professionals. 

The Health Professions Pathway is designed to prepare students for entering a health profession school. This pathway is an excellent way to obtain the prerequisite coursework and access research, community service, leadership, and direct patient care experiences needed to strengthen your application to a health profession school.

The Clinical Pathway, in collaboration with Larkin Community Hospital, provides a unique opportunity for recent medical school graduates to earn a Biomedical Science degree while participating as an “observer” of a medical specialty of their choice. The goal of this pathway is to provide additional education and practical experience to strengthen your application to residency programs


  • 1-year program
  • Enrollment agreements with multiple medical schools
  • Excellent Curriculum including Pathophysiology
  • Personal development course: Testing skills, the Healthcare in the US
  • CV development, Personal Statement development, Mock Interviews
  • MCAT and DAT Q banks access
  • Clinical shadowing in hospital and outpatient setting
  • Community Service Volunteer
  • CITI certifications
  • Research opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities, student ambassador, leadership council
  • Library Committee participation
  • Professional development
  • One on one mentoring program
  • Career Advising