Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Health Insurance?

Each student is required to have active health insurance and updated immunizations during  enrollment at Larkin University. We have included the cost of health insurance coverage in our Cost of Attendance and you are permitted to add this need to your loan funds request. If you will be accessing coverage through the ACA Marketplace at, the open enrollment period begins November 1st for coverage.  If you are losing employer coverage because of starting school, you may qualify to enroll during a Special Enrollment Period.


What is the attire for Orientation Week?

Business casual is expected as we are preparing to become healthcare professionals.


What is the attire during class?

Business casual is expected as we are preparing to become healthcare professionals.


Do I need to register for classes?

No, due to the nature of our curriculum you will be automatically registered for classes as you progress in the program.


Do I need to buy textbooks or exam preparation materials?

No, you will not. From the University Library you will have access to numerous online databases and textbooks needed to augment content information from faculty during your courses.  The exam preparation materials are integrated into the curriculum and are provided as part of the cost to attend the program.


Will I have additional charges to participate in research activities or clinical shadowing experiences at hospitals or physician offices?

No, you will not. During research experiences you will need to wear a lab coat, goggles, and protective safety equipment. During clinical experiences, you will need to wear business casual clothing and protective safety equipment. These items are covered as part of your curriculum costs to attend the program.