Research Profile

Dr. Christiane Chbib,
PharmD., PhD.

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy

Dr. Chbib’s primary research goals are directed towards designing and synthesizing new chemical molecules with therapeutic activity. Her research interests are directed towards targeting the quorum sensing process in bacteria. Dr Chbib has published several original research manuscripts, abstracts and book chapters in the infectious disease area and presented her research in multiple national organizations like the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS). Dr Chbib was successful in designing and synthesizing nucleoside analogues constructed with chemically activated features to inactivate bacterial virulence. The two classes of analogues she synthesized, were found to exhibit concentration-dependent inhibition of las gene in P. aeruginosa and other bacteria. Dr Chbib’s research involves optimizing dissolution and quantification techniques of multiple drugs in blood/plasma samples using analytical techniques in her laboratory at LU. She is actively collaborating with the Vaccine Nanotechnology Laboratory and Center for Drug Delivery Research at Mercer University to evaluate the immune potency of new synthetic molecules for the development of new vaccines to prevent different types of infections.

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