a picture of professor andrews sweta

Research Profile

Dr. Sweta Andrews,
Pharm.D., M.B.A., BCACP

Assistant Professor
Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences
College of Pharmacy

Dr. Andrews’s research interests focus on exploring new business models that support the advancement of the pharmacist’s role in outpatient settings (ambulatory, community). Additionally, her research interests follow a Boyer’s model of scholarship where She can utilize innovative approaches in her classroom to provide learner-centered education.

Some of her research interests are:
• Transitions of care
• Medication adherence
• Community pharmacy
• Chronic disease management
• Medication therapy management
• Opioid management
• Collaborative practice
• Innovative pharmacy services
• Point-of-care testing/Wellness screenings
• Challenges and opportunities for pharmacy students with English as second language
• Underserved population
• Immunization
• Pharmacy students’ perception about pharmacy school, professors, and staff
• Post-Graduate training after Pharm.D
• Student team dynamics