a picture of professor venk

Research Profile

Dr. Kallidaikurichi V. Venkatachalam (Dr. Venk)

Dr. Venk has held extramural and intramural grants and conducted research and guided numerous medical students on research projects and published papers in high impact peer reviewed journals. He performs research on human PAPSS synthase, lamprey petromyzonol sulfotransferase (PZ-SULT), human acetyl CoA carboxylase and relevant enzymes of sulfur metabolism. In 2007 he moved on to research on Methionine gamma lyase (Mgld) of Methionine Metabolism. Since then he has expanded his Mgld/methionine projects into halitosis/periodontitis and cancer research. The gene therapeutic use of Mgld for cancer has been well received by the scientific community (patent pending). Members of Dr. Venk’s lab actively contributed to various national meetings on the role of methionine/SAM on cancer epigenetics. He is also a journal editor/reviewer for numerous peer reviewed journals. Dr. Venk is training numerous Ph.D. and medical students on research related to the areas of halitosis, periodontitis, cancer and bone diseases. He plans to expand his clinical research in the areas of cancer epigenetics, halitosis, and bone metabolism.