a picture of professor beljanski

Research Profile

Dr. Vladimir Beljanski

Dr. Vladimir Beljanski’s research goal is to improve existing therapies and develop novel cell-based therapies using mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) for tissue repair and regeneration. To do this requires understanding mechanistic aspects of MSC-based therapies, including molecules involved in their interactions with immune cells and the role of MSC-secreted microvesicles, such as exosomes, in tissue repair and regeneration. The cellular self-digestion pathway, autophagy, is known to regulate many processes that are essential to MSC maintenance, from their overall metabolic fitness to their ability to remain quiescent. The research involves how the therapeutic efficacy of MSCs can be improved by targeting autophagy in these cells. In particular, investigation of how pharmacological or genetic modulation of autophagy affects the therapeutic properties of MSCs, with an ultimate goal of improving their therapeutic properties.