Mara N. Poulakos

Associate Professor College of Pharmacy
Office: Room 2309
Phone: (305) 760 – 7462
Hours: By Appointment

Education and Training
B.Pharm. | University at Buffalo | Buffalo, NY
Pharm.D. | University at Buffalo | Buffalo, NY
Residency | Pharmacy Practice (ASHP Accredited) | Kingston, RI

Teaching Interests
Dr. Poulakos started her academic career in 2001 at Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy and in 2009 joined the faculty of Palm Beach Atlantic University Gregory School of Pharmacy. In 2019 she started at Larkin University College of Pharmacy. At all three universities she has primarily taught in the therapeutic courses on a variety of disease states. Dr. Poulakos has been the recipient of several teaching awards including the “Teacher of the Year Award”, “Preceptor Servant Leader Award” and the “Preceptor of Distinction Award”. She strongly believes that the learning process encompasses several modalities of the mind and spirit in which it is the duty of the professor to effectively create an environment that brings students to discover and construct knowledge for themselves. The goal of her formulated adaptive teaching style prepares students to function as active and life-long learners, to become critical thinkers as well as problem solvers.

Research Profile

Dr. Poulakos completed a B.S. in Pharmacy and a Pharm.D. at the University of Buffalo. Afterwards, she completed an accredited pharmacy practice residency at the University of Rhode Island.

Dr. Poulakos scholarly interests have been grant funded and have focused on prevention and treatment of chronic disease states. She has also been interested in the evaluation of pharmacy students’ perception and academic performance following flipping traditional lectures in her pharmacotherapy courses. Dr. Poulakos has authored several manuscripts in peer-reviewed pharmacy journals including Pharmacotherapy, American Journal of Health System Pharmacy, Journal of Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacy, Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice, and U.S. Pharmacist.

Selected Publications
Santalo O, Baig U, Poulakos MN, Brown D. Early Vancomycin Concentrations and the Application of a Pharmacokinetic Extrapolation Method to Recognize Sub-therapeutic Outcomes. Pharmacy. 2016; 4 (4): 1-9.
Pauly J, Poulakos MN, Fairclough J., Chahine E. Evaluating an Elective Learning Experience in Pharmacy-Led Medical Missions for Pharmacy Residents. Curr Pharm Teach Learn. 2016; 8(4): 559-564.
Poulakos MN, Grace Y, Machin J, Dorval E. Efinaconazole and Tavaborole: Emerging Antifungal Alternatives for the Topical Treatment of Onychomycosis. J of Pharm Pract. 2016; 1-11.

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Poulakos MN, Machin J, Pauly J, Grace Y. Vedolizumab: A New Opponent in the Battle Against Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. J of Pharm Pract. 2015; 1-13.

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